Monday, July 2, 2012

How to tread lightly while inquiring about a family's faith

One of the tricky parts about incorporating Faith into a Scouting program is that modern society has made it a taboo subject. For example, a Teacher would probably get fired if they asked everyone in their class what faith their family was.

While many families who are in a religion that is common in your area may speak about it casually, other families in a less mainstream faith might have a concern about bringing it up. 

At the website Scouting For God they suggest including it on a survey form, along with a number of other similar "Getting to know you" questions. For example:

  • What activities are you involved in?    
  • What religion does your family practice? If so, what church/temple/mosque do you attend?
  • Do you have any food allergies? If so, what?  
  • Do you have any food restrictions or preferences (e.g. vegetarian, non-beef, non-pork, vegan, kosher)?  
  • Anything else that you want the Troop/Pack to know about you?
It can be a lot less confrontational to ask about it that way, along with a number of other questions that help you get to know the family and their needs better.

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