Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What this Blog Is for, and what it is NOT for

The reason I started this blog was as a resource for those who would like to learn more about how to scouting and faith can work together, how we as scouters can support our scouts while they learn about their faith, whatever it may be, and how we as church members can support the scout units we support.

I did NOT start the blog as a place for people to fight over various controversies, whether it's the BSA stance on homosexual scout leaders, or GSUSA councils working with Planned Parenthood, or something else. I've received a few comments and Facebook Posts that I had to remove, because they were not relevant to the topic of the blog. I've got my own views on these issues, but they aren't germane to the topic of this blog.

 If you want to talk about those sorts of controversies go right ahead, but find your own spot to do so. It's a big Internet, and you can probably find a few dozen sites that already have ongoing discussions about any controversy you want to discuss.

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