Friday, April 27, 2012

Avoiding Faith is like a Starvation Diet

I wanted to highlight a website I came across, named Scouting For God. On the main page of the website, it has an interesting letter that you would never want to send out as a scout leader.
Dear Scouts and families,

This is to inform you that effective immediately, we will no longer be serving food on our campouts.

While we have always enjoyed preparing and serving food with your sons each weekend, we recently discovered that one of the boys is a vegetarian. Since we are used to serving meat with most meals, we have decided it is easier to simply not serve any food over the campout weekend. Those boys who are interested in eating should bring their own food and eat privately within their own tents.

Your Scoutmaster

This is the way quite a few scouting units approach religion. In order to avoid offending everyone, they leave out everything related to religion. While religion is intensely personal to the scout and their family, the answer is to be inclusive, not to exclude everything equally.

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