Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Promise, My Faith

Girl Scouts at all levels can earn the My Promise, My Faith Award

The details of the requirements vary slightly based on level, as a girl goes from Daisy to Ambassador. The Nation's Capital Council has the requirements at each level posted here.

The basic outline at each level is
  1. Pick a line from the Girl Scout Law.
  2. Interview a woman in your own or another faith-based community.
  3. Find three inspirational quotes by women that fit with that line of the Girl Scout Law.
  4. Make something, like a drawing, painting, or poster.
  5. Make a commitment to live what you've learned. 
It is designed to be earned multiple times, there are different patches that can be awarded each year the girl is involved in Scouting.

This is a great opportunity for women who attend a church to reach out and become involved with the Girl Scout troops that meet there.

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