Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wolf Duty to God Requirements

As part of the Wolf Requirements, a Cub Scout is expected to do Requirement 12: Duty to God.

  • a. Complete the Character Connection for Faith.
    • Know. What is "faith"? With your family, discuss some people who have shown their faith - who have shown an inner strength based on their trust in a higher power or cause. Discuss the good qualities of these people.
    • Commit. Discuss these questions with your family: What problems did these faithful people overcome to follow or practice their beliefs? What challenges might you face in doing your duty to God? Who can help you with these challenges?
    • Practice. Practice your faith while doing the requirements for "Duty to God."
  • b. Talk with your family about what they believe is their duty to God.
  • c. Give two ideas on how you can practice or demonstrate your religious beliefs. Choose one and do it.
  • d. Find out how you can help your church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or religious fellowship.

This is an excellent opportunity for a cub scout to work with his parents to learn about service, tithing, and other obligations one has to your church. 

From a Christian perspective, there are a number of stories that would go into the theme of faith very well. Noah building the Ark and David and Goliath come to mind as examples that kids might already be aware of, but there are probably hundreds more that a parent could select from.

Also, finding out how to help the church is an excellent opportunity. I would advise parents to not simply pick out something for their son, but to go with them to talk to the Sunday school teacher, pastor, or someone else to  explore how they could help.

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