Thursday, May 24, 2012

LDS Varsity Teams

On his 14th Birthday, a boy involved in an LDS scout unit can move up to a Varsity Team. For non-LDS units, anyone 14-18 can be in a Varsity Team. In LDS Units, this is limited to the 14-15 year old ages.

The Varsity Program is available to non-LDS groups, but is used much more frequently within the LDS chruch than it is for non-LDS scouts.

Again, as with the other levels, a significant amount of religious instruction is included within their version of the program, as it is used as their young men's ministry program.

As with all Varsity Scouts, as long as the boys have earned their first class rank in the Boy Scout Troop, they can continue on their progression to Eagle until their 18th birthday.

More detailed information about the LDS Boy Scout program is available here.

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