Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Webelos Requirements about Faith

As with the other Cub Scout Ranks, Webelos have some requirements related to faith they must complete before earning their rank. The Full Webelos Requirements are listed here, or in the Webelos Handbook.

A Webelos Scout has two options. They can earn the age appropriate religious emblem from their faith, or they can pick any two of the following:

  • Attend the mosque, church, synagogue, temple, or other religious organization of your choice; talk with your religious leader about your beliefs. Tell your family and your Webelos den leader what you learned.
  • Discuss with your family and your Webelos den leader how your religious beliefs fit in with the Scout Oath and Scout Law and what character-building traits your religious beliefs have in common with the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
  • With your religious leader, discuss and make a plan to do two things you think will help you draw nearer to God. Do these things for a month
  • For at least a month, pray or meditate reverently each day as taught by your family and by your church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or religious group.
  • Under the direction of your religious leader, do an act of service for someone else. Talk about your service with your family and your Webelos den leader. Tell them how it made you feel.
  • List at least two ways you believe you have lived according to your religious beliefs.
Again, these are all areas that a Den Leader or Cubmaster should tread carefully. When it is something specifically faith related, in many cases a parent and/or a religious leader should be the one to work with them. 

A few notable exceptions are mentioned here, where it specifically tells the boy to talk about it with a Den Leader. The scout is not only asked to learn about their faith, but also be able to tie it back into the Scout Oath and Law, and asked to tell the den leader about what they learned. This represents the fact that the boys are growing older, more mature, and start understanding that these ideas from different parts of their life tie together.

After either earning the Religious Emblem of their faith, or doing two of the choices above, they are asked to do the following, as part of the Character Connections: Faith
  • Know: Tell what you have learned about faith.
  • Commit: Tell how these faith experiences help you live your duty to God. Name one faith practice that you will continue to do in the future.
  • Practice: After doing these requirements, tell what you have learned about your beliefs.

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