Thursday, June 7, 2012

The 11th Outdoor Essential

I've only gone backpacking one time, and that was a very short trip as part of Woodbadge. One thing that trip taught me was the importance of only taking that gear you absolutely need. Any extra gear gets very heavy, very quickly.

When you are packing your gear, what items do you view as essential? What is something you wouldn't want to go a single day without? Most people's minds probably go first to the Outdoor Essentials, as listed in the Boy Scout handbook.

Most of the regular readers here are probably fairly involved in their faith, and go through some sort of daily devotional, scripture reading, etc. Is that something you view as essential, or is it something you can leave behind to pick back up after your camping trip?

If you are doing a gear shakedown, and pull out a small pocket new testament from your pack alongside your other gear, or if you sit doing a daily scripture reading around the campfire during a quiet period on a campout, that's something your scouts will pick up on. They will understand that your faith is important to you, as important as a pocketknife or map and compass are... Not something you can leave at home when you are out on the trail.

I will confess, I'm not as good about doing this as I should be. But It's an area that I'm going to try to improve on.

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