Friday, June 1, 2012

Catholic Religious Emblems for Boys

There are several levels of awards that can be earned by boys in the BSA.

Light of Christ - Designed for 6-7 years old Cub Scouts 
Parvuli Dei  - Designed for 8-10 years old Cub Scouts. 
Ad Altare Dei - Designed for 13-14 years old Boy Scouts. 
Pope Pius XII - Designed for Venturing Crew Members and Boy Scouts 15 years old and older.
Light is Life - Designed for Boy Scouts, 12 -13 years old of the Eastern-rite Catholic Churches. (Scouts in the Eastern Catholic Churches work on Light is Life rather than the Ad Altare Dei emblem.)

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting has a  lot of information on this topic also. (Most of the content from this post is from there.

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